Finance Specialists

If you are looking for car finance in Bournemouth then the team at Bournemouth Cars can help. We have finance experts in house and work with different lenders to maximise your chances of being approved. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, there are options out there and we will explore them with you to try and find a deal that works for you.

You can apply for finance online or in person, but the process is similar either way.

First of all, you apply for finance, you will be asked to enter or provide details that will build a credit profile for our lenders. Then, we will explore the different options that could be available, this may be different lenders, different terms and different types of car finance based on what you want to borrow and your financial position.

We look at the options together after this soft search and if there is a deal you want to enter into or explore further, we will conduct a hard search and get the agreement drawn up.

There are lots of terms and abbreviations in car finance so if you are unsure of anything at all, remember that you can ask us anything and we want you to feel comfortable and secure in your finance search.

Apply online or at our showroom for car finance in Bournemouth.

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